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Step 1.

Install WP Shopify and navigate to the “Connect” tab within the plugin Settings.

Step 2.

In a new tab or window, open your Shopify store and click “Apps” within the left side nav.

Step 3.

Next, click on the “Manage private apps” link towards the bottom of the new screen.

Step 4.

Finally click the “create a new private app” button.

Step 5.

Within the “Create private app” page, fill in the “Private app name” field.

Step 6.

Make sure all Admin API permissions are set to “Read and write”. The last permission “Analytics” can be set to “Read access”.

Step 7.

Scroll to the bottom and ensure that the Storefront API box is checked and click “Save”.

Step 8.

You should now see a list of API credentials for your new private WP Shopify app.

Step 9.

Next, go back to WordPress and begin filling in the API credentials from the Private App and click “Connect your Shopify store”.

Step 10.

The plugin should begin syncing your store data. Depending on how many products you have, the syncing process can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10minutes.

Step 11.

Once the syncing is finished you should see a “completed” message. You’re now connected and syncing with Shopify!