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Step 1: Add the Buy Button Sales Channel

WP Shopify uses the JavaScript Buy Button sales channel. However this sales channel isn’t enabled by default within Shopify. Therefore the first step in the installation process is to add the Buy Button sales channel to your store within Shopify.

To do this, login to your Shopify account and click the “Add Sales Channel” plus icon highlighted below. Installation 1
From there you’ll be presented with a pop-up containing a list of different sales channels. Scroll down to the JavsScript Buy Button and click ‘add’. Installation 2
Now that the Buy Button has been added to your store, you’ll need to create an access token for WPS to communicate with.  Scroll to the bottom of the next page and click the “create token” button. Installation 3
And once more on the next page Installation 4
Now assign your new token a title Installation 5
Finally, copy your access token for later use during the WPS installation Installation 6

Step 2: Find your domain

Finding your domain is easy. It will be in this format: yourshop.myshopify.com Where yourshop is replaced by the name of your store. This value is also used during login. If you’re at all confused, look at the URL while within Shopify. Installation 7

Step 3: Ensure products are connected to the Buy Button sales channel

When you added the Buy Button sales channel in step 1, all of your products were assigned to it by default. This is great in most cases but if you want certain products not to show within WordPress then you must ensure both the Online Store and Buy Button sales channels are unchecked.

Note: The current Shopify API that WPS relies upon only returns the Online Store sales channel status (true if enabled, false if not). Therefore to make certain products not visible within WordPress you need to uncheck Online Store and Buy Button.

Below are screenshots that show where you can find these settings per product. You can bulk edit this setting as-well from the main products page in Shopify.Installation 9Installation 10
Installation 11

Step 4: Install WP Shopify

Now that you have the necessary Shopify prerequisites out of the way you’re ready to install the plugin itself.

Upload the WP Shopify .zip file provided within your account page. Once you’re done you’ll see WP Shopify located within the dashboard.

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