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Below you can find the various features available in WP Shopify. Take your store to the next level and gain access to pro-only features by upgrading to WP Shopify Pro!

Features of WP Shopify Pro

When you upgrade to WP Shopify Pro, you unlock tons of awesome features that provide your store with superpowers. Take a look!

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WP Shopify provides a completely seamless way to embed your products. Display a single buy button, or a whole list of products with ease.

No need to worry about the checkout or cart experience either. WP Shopfiy creates these for you out of the box.

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Plugin Support

First, be sure to look through the plugin documentation. The most common issues can be found here.

If you need more help, we have a Slack channel for customers-only to ask questions. We're online M-F 9am-4pm CST to help solve your problems.

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Whether you want advice on how to use the plugin or have custom development needs, let's walk through them together!

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Everything else

Have a general plugin question? Send us an email at hello@wpshop.io

Common questions

How does this all work?
You can think of WordPress as the frontend and Shopify as the backend. You still manage your store (add products, change prices, etc) from within Shopify and those changes automatically sync with WordPress. WP Shopify also allows you to sell your products on WordPress and is bundled with its own cart experience.
After installing the plugin you can connect your Shopify store to WordPress by filling in a few form fields containing your Shopify API keys. View our tutorial video here.

After syncing, you can display / sell your products in various ways such as:

  1. Shortcodes
  2. Programmatically through the plugin’s Render API
You can also optionally create product and collection single pages by syncing your store. This enables you to harness the full power of the vast WordPress plugin ecosystem.
Do you have to be a developer to use this?

You do not! Everything will work out of the box. However, if you wish to do medium to large customizations then you’ll need to know basic CSS and PHP.

Does this work with Shopify's Lite plan?

Absolutely! In fact, this is our recommended Shopify plan if you intend to only sell on WordPress. All plugin features will work with Shopify Lite. This is a great option if want to save money.

You can read more about the Shopify Lite plan here.

Do you provide a cart experience?
Yes! You can see a live example by viewing our demo page.
What is your refund policy?

We offer a full 7 day refund policy on all initial purchases regardless of tier. Refunds do not apply to upgrades, renewals, or monthly plans.

Just send us an email with your name and license key to let us know that you’d like a refund. Once you let us know, the refund should take 5-10 business days to process.

If I purchase a single site license, can I upgrade later?

Yes absolutely. Upgrading to a higher tier will be done through a pro-rated price.  You can upgrade anytime by logging into your account and visiting the purchase page.

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