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Below you can find the various features available in WP Shopify. Take your store to the next level and gain access to pro-only features by upgrading to WP Shopify Pro!

Features of WP Shopify Pro

When you upgrade to WP Shopify Pro, you unlock tons of awesome features that provide your store with superpowers. Take a look!

🔭 Product Searching

Create an all-in-one search experience for customers with real-time results. No page reloads! View the live demo in action.

WP Shopify Pro feature product searching

⚗️ Product Filtering

Easily create a dedicated storefront on any page giving customers the ability to filter and sort your products. View the live demo in action.

WP Shopify Pro feature product filtering

🔍 Image Zoom

Give customers the option to view your products up close and personal! Works for both mobile and desktop.

WP Shopify Pro feature image zooming

♾ Infinite Scrolling

Dynamically load additional products or collections as the user scrolls. Easily creates a seamless shopping experience for customers.

WP Shopify Pro feature infinite scrolling

🔂 Selective Syncing

Often times you don't want to sync your entire store into WordPress—especially if you have hundreds of products. We've provided a selective sync option giving you the ability to only pull the data you want.

WP Shopify Pro feature Selective Syncing

🗒️ Order Notes

Collect special instructions from customers directly within the cart. This information is attached to the Shopify order. Learn more about how this works.

WP Shopify Pro Order Notes

🛒 Cart Attributes

Add any kind of custom data to a customer's order that you want. This information is then filterable within Shopify.

WP Shopify Pro Cart Attributes

🧩 PHP Templates

WP Shopify Pro comes with customizable PHP templates. You'll have the ability to customize any portion of the layout using HTML / PHP. Simply drop the templates folder into your theme and rename it to wps-templates.

WP Shopify Pro template overiding

👩‍💻 👨‍💻 Dedicated Support

WP Shopify Pro customers gain access to dedicated and live support via our private Slack channel. We're available to help around the clock with any questions you may have—simple or complex.

WP Shopify Pro Dedicated Support

🎯 Webhooks

You'll have access to 27 different webhooks allowing you to capture events like product updates and order creation. Learn more about Shopify webhooks.

WP Shopify Pro Webhooks

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