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Adding the cart icon


Since: v1.1.5

After installing and syncing your Shopify store, you probably noticed that the shopping cart icon is missing! One of our guiding principles of WP Shopify is to be as unobtrusive as possible. Because of this we’ve decided to hide the icon by default. Thankfully it’s very easy to enable!

1. Open WordPress and go to Appearance -> Menus

WP Shopify Adding Cart Icon Step 1 - Purchase

2. Add the cart icon to any menu you want

Located toward to bottom right you should see a section called "Cart". Check this option and click "Add to Menu". Once added, you can also reorder like any native WordPress menu item. If you don't see an option to select the cart icon follow the next step.
WP Shopify Adding Cart Icon Step 2 - Purchase

Not seeing Cart Icon?

If you don't see an option for adding the Cart Icon found in Step 2 then you need to make it visible. You can do this by clicking "Screen Options" located at the very top right of the page. From there, enable Cart and then repeat Step 2.
WP Shopify Adding Cart Icon Step 3 - Purchase