Products not showing


Since: v1.2.8

If syncing finishes successfully but you're still not seeing your products, read below!
Usually this means that you just need to assign your products to the custom Sales Channel. As you may recall, during the installation process you created a Shopify private app which also gave you various API credentials. When you did this, a custom "Sales Channel" was created for you automatically behind the scenes. This Sales Channel will have the same name as your private app and is used to control what products are visible to WP Shopify. You can find the option to add your products to the WP Shopify sales channel by visiting any Product or Collection edit page inside Shopify.

1. Open the product edit screen within Shopify

First, open Shopify and locate a product that you want to show on WordPress.
Shopify product sales channel selection

2. Assign the products to the WP Shopify Sales Channel

Under Product availability, click manage and ensure that your product is assigned to the custom Sales Channel
Shopify Product availability

3. Resync

After you've finished assigning your products to the WP Shopify Sales Channel, go back to the plugins "Tools" tab and perform a Resync.

Note: If you want to assign your products in bulk to the custom Sales Channel, you can do so within the main products listing page within Shopify.