Updated on: May 12, 2018

WP Shopify currently provides the below settings to configure. If you don't see the option you'd like to tweak here, you should be able to find what you're looking for in our extensive actions and filters. We're always adding additional settings so if you have any requests please let us know!

WP Shopify settings screen

Products URL

Determines the main URL for your products. The default value is set to /products

Collections URL

Determines the default URL for your collections. The default value is set to /collections

Products per page

Determines how many products will show at any given time. This also adjusts the pagination accordingly.

Webhooks callback URL

The Webhooks callback URL enables WordPress to stay in sync with Shopify. This needs to be set to a publicly accessible URL which points to your WordPress site.

Note: If you're not working within a local dev environment or don't know what that means, don't change this.

Use titles for alt attributes

This will use the product's title as the alt attribute value for images. Useful for speeding up the syncing process or if you're experiencing timeout issues during sync.

Load cart

This will load the front-end cart experience. You can uncheck to completely remove the built-in cart. Useful for incorporating your own Shopify cart using their buy button SDK.

Load styles

This allows you to customize which styles are loaded on the front-end.

Selective sync

This allows you to sync only specific types of data. Useful for re-syncing or debugging purposes.

Price formatting

The price formatting setting will allow you to show the currency symbol along with the price. E.g, $100.00 USD 

Products link to Shopify

Enabling this will link the products you display on WordPress site back to your Shopify single product pages. Keep in mind that this will only work for users not using a Shopify Lite plan.

Show breadcrumbs

Enabling this option will show breadcrumbs for products and collections. This will also show breadcrumbs when displaying products via shortcodes. If you wish to hide breadcrumbs for a specific shortcode only, you can use the "breadcrumbs="false"" attribute like this: [wps_products breadcrumbs="false"].

Hide all pagination

When enabled, all pagination for both products and collections will be hidden.

Show related products

Disabling this will hide the related products section completely from each product single page.

Filter related products by

This gives you the ability to decide by what criteria the related products are show. For example, when filtering by Tags WP Shopify will locate all products which share at least one tag with the product in question. By default, related products are filtered and ordered randomly. Shortcode filtering will override this setting. Performs a fuzzy search based on the selection you choose.

Related products to show

Determines the amount of related products that are shown