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Display and sell Shopify products on WordPress.

ShopWP is a WordPress eCommerce plugin allowing creators, founders, and merchants to sell Shopify products on any WordPress site.

Join the 5000+ community of entrepreneurs currently using ShopWP to make money online!

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               WordPress eCommerice plugin Example product customization options for 
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ShopWP syncing example

Sync your Shopify data directly into WordPress

Images, metafields, collections—ShopWP can sync it all.

Use your Shopify data directly with other plugins such as Elementor, Yoast, etc. Because the data is synced as post meta values, the sky is the limit for the type of integrations you can create.

ShopWP allows you to sync products by collections, tags, vendors, or any combination. This allows you to sync only what you need—nothing more.

Buy buttons? No problem 👍

Display product variants as dropdowns or buttons. Enable one-time purchase or subscriptions. You can send customers directly to the Shopify checkout page, or add products to the built-in cart experience.

We have all the shortcodes and blocks you need to build a uniquely branded shopping experience on WordPress.

Easily create the layout you want for your products 🎩

Show just one product at a time or multiple products in a list. Link your customers to Shopify, or show products in a carousel instead. You'll have endless possibilities, built with beautiful product layouts. Your customers will feel confident when purchasing with ShopWP.

Over 5,000+ WordPress sites are currently using ShopWP. Here's what they have to say!

“I used ShopWP Pro to quickly set up a store for a client. My client and I preferred to keep the store on the site rather than linking out to Shopify, but we also didn’t want to deal with setting up other e-commerce plugins. So this seemed like a good middle ground. It was super simple to set up and get going quickly. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

“As a web agency owner, I deal with many plugins and their creators in the course of our project. ShopWP is a standout, not only for the impressive and ever growing list of features, but because Andrew is clearly very passionate about his product and his support and consistent updates reflect that. If you need to marry the WordPress and Shopify environments, I highly recommend you give this plugin a try.”

“ShopWP is filling a much needed market gap for Shopify integration within WordPress. When we first became users of the plugin there were a few kinks to work out, though support showed great attention to detail and care with every inquiry. Simply put – a pleasure to work with. From a designer’s perspective, the app is aesthetically pleasing and intuitive — a real beauty! We look forward to seeing what’s next with this app!”

“We love to use ShopWP Pro; it allows us to use the power and the huge community of WordPress, plus the convenience of Shopify. In terms of payments we operate both, online and physical sales using then the Shopify card reader. Secondly, we are also present on Etsy, and both Etsy and Shopify can be sync to keep track of our inventory, and in case of simultaneous sales on different platforms, everything stays up to date. Both of these situation can’t be solved by WooCommerce.”

“After using this on a couple sites I continue to be impressed. I love working with WooCommerce but sometimes Shopify is a better fit for the project or you have a history of transactions and customers in an existing Shopify instance. This plugin makes the integration very intuitive and there are plenty of options to get your store looking just as you’d like through the plugin settings and using familiar WordPress theme customizations and template hierarchy.”

“There’s just not a lot out there that will seamlessly connect Shopify and WordPress, but this plugin does it well. Shopify has some limitations which affect how well it plays with WordPress, but the developer of ShopWP is extremely helpful and provides fantastic support. Highly recommend!”

Common questions

I'm confused. How does ShopWP work exactly?
You can think of WordPress as the frontend and Shopify as the backend. You still manage your store (add products, change prices, etc) from within Shopify and those changes automatically sync with WordPress. ShopWP also allows you to sell your products on WordPress and is bundled with its own cart experience.
After installing the plugin you can connect your Shopify store to WordPress by filling in a few form fields containing your Shopify API keys. View our tutorial video here.

After syncing, you can display / sell your products in various ways such as:
  1. Shortcodes
  2. Programmatically through the plugin's Render API
You can also optionally create product and collection single pages by syncing your store. This enables you to harness the full power of the vast WordPress plugin ecosystem.
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Does ShopWP install Shopify functionality into WordPress?
Generally speaking, ShopWP will not install the same functionality you have inside your Shopify onto WordPress. ShopWP will not sync over any custom functionality that you may be using via Shopify apps. An integration with these apps is something we're looking into for a future update.

The plugin does provide a built-in cart experience and will send users to the default Shopify checkout page during checkout.
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Will ShopWP improve my SEO?
Since ShopWP is built-in WordPress, it inherits all the great SEO features of WordPress itself and is a great option for improve SEO.

We've gone to great lengths to ensure that we've conformed to all SEO best practices including: semantic alt text, Structured Data, and indexable content.
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Do I need an active Shopify plan to use ShopWP?
Yes, you need a Shopify store before using ShopWP.

However, you can use the cheaper Shopify Starter plan as well. In fact, this is our recommended Shopify plan if you intend to only sell on WordPress. All of our plugin features will work and is a great option if want to save money.

If you're not ready yet, Shopify also provides a free 14 day free trial.
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Do you have to be a developer to use ShopWP?
You do not! Everything will work out of the box. However, if you wish to do medium to large customizations then you’ll need to know basic CSS and PHP.
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Do you have any example sites that are using ShopWP?
Absolutely! We have accumulated various real, live sites that are using ShopWP. View the sites currently using ShopWP.
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Can I try ShopWP before I purchase the pro version?
Absolutely! We have a free version of ShopWP that you can download here. If you would like to try the Pro version, please send us an email directly.
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How does the checkout process work?
ShopWP does not handle any portion of the Shopify checkout process. When a customer clicks the checkout button within the cart, they're redirected to the default Shopify checkout page to finish the process.
More information on the Shopify checkout process can be found here.
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