Build custom functionality for ShopWP with this powerful Shopify webhooks extension.

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This extension allows you to selectively listen to special events inside Shopify and run custom code when they happen. For example, when a product is created, an order is placed, or when the shop info changes.

There are 12 unique events with PHP hooks to power your customizations.

12 webhooks

  • Product create
  • Product update
  • Product delete
  • Product added to sales channel
  • Product removed from sales channel
  • Collection create
  • Collection update
  • Collection delete
  • Order create
  • Order delete
  • Order edited
  • Shop update

How do I use these webhooks?


Example screenshot showing the admin settings for ShopWP webhooks.
The settings page allows you to selectively choose which webhooks to listen to. Select just one or all at once.
Example screenshot showing the tool for connecting Webhooks.
A new tool will show, allowing you to connect or remove your webhooks.

12 PHP actions

  • shopwp_webhook_after_product_update
  • shopwp_webhook_after_product_create
  • shopwp_webhook_after_product_delete
  • shopwp_webhook_after_product_listings_remove
  • shopwp_webhook_after_product_listings_add
  • shopwp_webhook_after_collection_create
  • shopwp_webhook_after_collection_update
  • shopwp_webhook_after_collection_delete
  • shopwp_webhook_after_shop_update
  • shopwp_webhook_after_order_create
  • shopwp_webhook_after_order_edit
  • shopwp_webhook_after_order_delete

How do I use this extension?

We've written a dedicated guide on using this extension. Please let us know if you run into any issues by sending us an email or message in Slack.


Every extension requires ShopWP Pro. All extensions are billed yearly. Cancel your subscription at any time before renewal.

Requires an active Shopify store.