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👋 Hello!   I hope everyone had a wonderful 2018! This release contains one new feature and a few minor bug fixes. I have some really exciting features coming in early 2019 which I’ll be revealing soon so keep an eye out!

⭐️ New Feature: Fixed Cart Icon

You now have the ability to show a fixed cart icon. This is similar to the default Shopify buy button functionality. The icon will show on all pages by default, and you can control the icon colors within the plugin settings WP Shopify fixed cart tab setting WP Shopify fixed cart tab color settings WP Shopify fixed cart icon

Full 1.3.2 Changelog

  • 🛠 Fixed: Issue causing $0 price to show when a product is out of stock. Instead will show the first non-zero price.
  • 🛠 Fixed: Bug causing shortcode attribute orderby=”manual” to fail
  • 📦 Added: Added ability to display cart icon as a fixed tab
  • 📦 Added: Added webhook 200 response during callback to prevent failing webhook notifications

Last updated on June 22nd, 2019

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