ShopWP Version 1.3.4

⭐️ New Feature: Local Currency Support

You can now enable local currency support under the pricing settings. This will detect the user’s geolocation and automatically convert the base shop price into their local currency.

The current version of this feature is mostly a simplistic visual change. It does not modify the currency in which they’re actually billed in. That will still be your store’s base currency.

When the user goes to the checkout page, they will also see the final price in the store’s base currency, so it might be useful to provide your user’s a note about this. In future versions I’ll be making this more robust.

⭐️ New Feature: Synchronous Requests

Synchronous requests is a new setting under the syncing options that enables a slower, but potentially more reliable syncing method. This greatly improves the syncing stability on some webhosts.

If you’re struggling with syncing timeouts or just general hangups, try enabling this setting!

⭐️ New Feature: Order products by manual position

The [wps_products] shortcode now has the option to sort the products by the manual position from within a collection. This is only applicable when showing products by collection.

For example: [wps_products collections="Homepage" orderby="position"]

Full 1.3.4 Changelog

  • 📦 Feature: Local currency support
  • 📦 Feature: Synchronous sync
  • 📦 Feature: Added support for ordering products by manual position set within custom collections
  • 🛠 Fixed: Syncing error during webhooks caused by an invalid topic
  • 🛠 Fixed: Bug preventing images from displaying when crop is set and width / height remain auto
  • 🛠 Fixed: Issue with some hosts blocking HTTP DELETE requests
  • 🛠 Fixed: Price inconsistency for some products on the collection single pages
  • 🛠 Fixed: @babel/polyfill is loaded more than once warning
  • 🛠 Fixed: JS conflict preventing ACF fields from working on products and collections admin pages
  • 📣 Updated: Plugin settings page sub nav links from changing container width during active state
  • 📣 Updated: Better cart item spinner icon position
  • 💻 Dev: Upgraded the Shopify JS Buy SDK to v2.0.1