ShopWP 3.0 release coming soon

ShopWP Pro 3.0 is will bring better eCommerce to WordPress

Hey everyone!

I’m super excited to announce that ShopWP 3.0 is coming soon! This will mark the next major leap for the plugin and will include a lot of awesome things.

Below is a sneak peak of what’s in store! 👇

🔲 Gutenberg Blocks

Last year, I asked everyone to share their interest in Gutenberg blocks. The consensus seemed to be that most of you were neutral in whether custom blocks would benefit your workflow. I recently conducted the same poll and the tide has shifted!

For this reason, and because WordPress in general is moving forward, I’ll be creating a handful of custom Gutenberg blocks for ShopWP! They’re about 70% done at this point and I must say, they’re pretty dang cool.

🧩 Custom Elementor Widgets

Many of you who were neutral on your opinion of Gutenberg expressed a desire to integrate with page builders instead. I think this is a fantastic idea! I’ll be starting with custom Elementor widgets for 3.0, and building custom Divi modules shortly after.

💵 💴 Local Currency Switching

The local currency feature is coming back! Due to various reasons I needed to turn this feature off in 2.0, but it will once again be apart of the plugin in version 3.0.

Improved Templating System

The templating system will be improved to allow for things such as customizing product details, overriding webhook callbacks, and making layout changes easier.

⚡️ Faster Load Times

Many of you have told me that the plugin doesn’t load as quick on mobile. I’ve made various changes in 3.0 that will cut the desktop and mobile load times in half. This is a big deal!

🔄 Shopify Tags as Native WordPress Tags

In an effort to better integrate Shopify into WordPress, I’ll now be syncing Shopify tags as native WordPress tags for each product post. After 3.0, I’ll be doing the same for collections as categories. Both of these things will be configurable in the plugin settings.

3.0 will also include the following …

  • More options for customizing permalinks
  • Refactored admin pages
  • Better documentation
  • Better internationalization
  • Improved options for displaying products from collections
  • Bug fixes (including various loading issues)
  • Cleaning codebase (removing unused code)
  • Collections will now adhere to the “selective sync” settings
  • Remove external CSS to prevent theme conflicts
  • More unit tests

… and more!

Can’t wait to share more with you soon!