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The syncing process isn’t working, how do I fix it?

The first thing you should do is look through our guide on fixing syncing issues. Many of the most common problems can be resolved there.

Syncing Product and Collection single pages may take up to 5 minutes depending on the size of your store and speed of your internet connection. If you have over 1000 products you can expect the sync to take around 5-10 minutes. We’re actively working to make this better.

Under the plugin settings, you can try changing the “Items per Request” option to 25, and turn on “Synchronous Requests”. After these are updated try re-syncing again.

Finally, take a look at our syncing tutorial video.

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Plugin Support

Solutions to the most common plugin issues (including syncing problems) can be found in our extensive plugin documentation.

If you need more help, we have a private Slack channel for Pro customers only. We're online M-F 9am-4pm CST to help solve any issues you have.

Everything else

Have a general plugin question? Send us an email at hello@wpshop.io

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