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πŸ‘‹ Hello wonderful people!

Really excited about this release. 2.1 brings a lot of great enhancements and some much needed fixes.

Some of the most notable updates are faster load times, compatibility fixes to plugins like Jetpack, image lazy loading, and an annoying bug preventing the back button from working on product pages.

Finally, you can now use the visual builder with your own product data! Take a look!


Greetings πŸ‘‹

This release contains a fix for a syncing bug and some new JavaScript hooks :)



Hello wonderful people! πŸ‘‹

This release contains a decent amount of bug fixes and overall plugin stability changes. Also along for the ride are new shortcode attributes that allow you to change colors and font sizes. Highly demanded.

We also just released a new shortcode builder tool!. At the moment, the shortcode builder will only be available on the demo site above, but will eventually be incorporated into the WordPress dashboard.

Have a great evening!



Bug fixes and WordPress 5.2.3 support. Have a great weekend everyone!


Greetings! Lots of a good bug fixes today. Also for Pro users, the new Customer Accounts is available as a beta! Just turn it on under the plugin settings. Over the coming weeks we\'ll be adding more stability and features. Stay tuned.


  • πŸ›  Fixed: version issue
  • v2.0.10

    Hello! A couple of important bug fixes today. Customer accounts coming soon!




    Hey folks πŸ‘‹

    Todays update contains another round of various bug fixes. If you are having trouble with products not linking to Shopify, custom domains not working, or issues the Storefront shortcode please update!


    Hey everyone!

    This release contains important updates for overall plugin stability. Please upgrade as soon as you can.


    ⚠️ Another important security patch. Please update ASAP.


    ⚠️ Important security patch ⚠️

    If you\'re currently on version 2.0 or later, please update as soon as possible through the normal methods.

    If you\'re currently on version 1.3.5 or lower, and you don\'t wish to upgrade to version 2.x yet, please manually download version 1.3.6 and copy over your current plugin files. You can download 1.3.6 from the links below:

    Download WP Shopify (free version) 1.3.6

    Download WP Shopify Pro 1.3.6


    The most important update in this release is a fix for the broken product default page. After updating, make sure to save your permalinks.



    Fixes important issues post-2.0 launch.


    Hey everyone πŸ‘‹,

    Long time no see! WP Shopify 2.0 is finally here. Were proud of the work that has been done to make this a much better plugin. Formal changelog coming soon.


    Check out our video tutorials


    If anyone is experiencing loading issues, please update!


    Hey everyone πŸ‘‹,

    This release contains two new features and many important bug fixes.



    Hey there! πŸ‘‹,

    Added a couple bug fixes including a new feature for the cart layout.


    Minor update to fix a plugin activation bug from 1.3.0. Also added additional filters and shortcode attributes.


    Hey everyone πŸ‘‹,

    This release contains a major improvement to the overall stability and reliability of the syncing process. Also included is WordPress 5.0 support, PHP 7.2 compatibility, and 13 bug fixes.

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