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Server Visual control

WP Shopify doesn't use restrictive iFrames. We store your products as custom post types giving you the ability to display and customize how you see fit.

Syncing Easy Syncing

When you make a change in Shopify that change is updated in WordPress without any additional steps. We use Webhooks to capture the event behind the scenes allowing you to keep both sites in sync.

Extensible Hooks & Templates

WP Shopify comes with over 100+ actions and filters, allowing you to customize any part of the shopping experience. We also provide customizable templates. Just drop our templates folder into your theme and start building!

Shortcodes Shortcodes

We provide easy to use shortcodes to quickly display your products anywhere in WordPress. Our shortcodes come with a ton of attributes giving you the ability to sort and filter the results.

Cart Cart

We use the Shopify Buy Button SDK giving you a fully featured cart experience out of the box. The checkout page is handled by Shopify allowing you to lay your security concerns to rest.

Browser Compatible

We've built WP Shopify to be modular and compatible with other WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO. We give you the ability to combine WP Shopify with other plugins seamlessly.

Benefits of selling on WordPress

Selling your products on WordPress has many benefits. Here are some examples.

  1. Complete control over the URL structure of products and collections
  2. Seamless integration into thousands of WordPress themes
  3. Much less restrictions compared to Shopify’s Liquid template engine
  4. Massive discounted shipping rates
  5. Access to the entire WordPress.org plugin repository to help compliment your store features
  6. Total control of store data and how it’s used
  7. Leveraging Shopify’s fulfillment and inventory systems while utilizing the power of WordPress

Try the Free Version 🎁

WP Shopify comes in a free version! Included are all the tools you need sell your Shopify products on WordPress. Looking to take your store to the next level? Have a look at the full list of premium features only available in WP Shopify Pro. 😀