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Getting started with WP Shopify is fast and easy. Once you have the two platforms connected, you’ll be able to turn any WordPress page into a shopping experience.

Watch the quick video walkthrough for an in-depth overview.


Begin by downloading the WP Shopify plugin and installing it on your WordPress site.

Downloading the WP Shopify plugin


After installing the plugin, sync your Shopify store to WordPress. All you need is a Shopify private app and you're ready to go.

WP Shopify how it works step 1


Once you're finished syncing, start displaying your products in various ways! We provide shortcodes, defaults pages, and PHP methods for you developers out there.

WP Shopify how it works step 2


WP Shopify comes with a ton of customizations from image zooming, infinite scrolling, cart notes, and much more!

WP Shopify how it works step 3


WP Shopify comes with a built-in cart experience. When the user is ready to pay, they're taken to the default Shopify checkout page.

WP Shopify how it works step 3

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Download WP Shopify and turn your site into an online store! Looking for more customization? WP Shopify Pro has you covered. See all the Pro features.

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