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Do I need an active Shopify plan to use ShopWP?
Yes you'll need a Shopify store before using ShopWP. However, you can use the cheaper $5/month Shopify Starter plan as well. In fact, this is our recommended Shopify plan if you intend to sell only on WordPress. All of our plugin features will work with this plan and it's a great option save some money.
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Does ShopWP work with Shopify's $5 Starter plan?


In fact, this is our recommended Shopify plan if you intend to only sell on WordPress. All plugin features will work with the Shopify Starter plan. This is a great option if want to save yourself or your client some  money.

However—some of the ShopWP extensions only work on a higher Shopify plan. These extensions include:

You can read more about the Shopify Starter plan here

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Can I see some example sites using ShopWP?
Absolutely! We have compiled a list of real, live sites that are currently using ShopWP.
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What is the refund policy of ShopWP?
We offer a full 30 day refund policy on all purchases. We will not issue refunds for renewals. Read our full refund policy here.
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Do you have a free trial of ShopWP?

Unfortunately we do not provide a free trial. However, there is a 30 day, no-questions-asked, refund policy. So if you do purchase and decide that it's not right for you, just us know and we'll send your money back right away.

Here are the pricing plans:

Let us know if you have any questions / concerns.

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How does the checkout process work?

ShopWP does not handle any portion of the checkout process. Instead, we send users to the default Shopify checkout page for the final shipping and billing steps.

For example, when a customer clicks the "Begin checkout" button inside the ShopWP cart they're redirected to the default Shopify checkout page to enter their billing info.

While we can understand the temptation to use WordPress for checkout, here’s a few reasons why we suggest you avoid that path:

  1. Shopify has battle tested their checkout page. It’s extremely secure and you don’t need to worry about anything breaking during this crucial step for your customers. If you build a custom solution, or rely on a third-party plugin, you’re definitely taking a risk here.
  2. The Shopify checkout page converts very well.
  3. Using the default Shopify checkout page lets you use any of the Shopify apps that customize the checkout pages.

More information on the Shopify checkout process can be found here.

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