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Choose a WP Shopify Pro License

After purchasing WP Shopify Pro you’ll gain access to one of the following license keys:

Yearly Monthly
  • Personal Single Site
    $79.99 /year $10 /month
    Purchase Purchase Billed yearly until cancelled Billed monthly until cancelled
  • Developer 2-5 Sites
    $129.99 /year $20 /month
    Purchase Purchase Billed yearly until cancelled Billed monthly until cancelled
  • Agency Unlimited Sites
    $399.99 /year $50 /month
    Purchase Purchase Billed yearly until cancelled Billed monthly until cancelled

Common questions

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full 7 day refund policy on all initial purchases regardless of tier. Refunds do not apply to upgrades, renewals, or monthly plans.

Just send us an email with your name and license key to let us know that you’d like a refund. Once you let us know, the refund should take 5-10 business days to process.

Can I try the plugin before I purchase?

Definitely. We have a free version of WP Shopify that you can download here. If you have any questions about the plugin, please ask us!

Do you have any example sites?
Absolutely! View the sites currently using WP Shopify.
Do you need a Shopify plan to use this plugin?
Yes you need a Shopify store before using this plugin.

However you can use the cheaper $9 Lite plan as well. In fact, this is our recommended Shopify plan if you intend to only sell on WordPress. All of our plugin features will work with Shopify Lite. This is a great option if want to save money.

If you’re not ready yet, Shopify also provides a free 14 day free trial.

How does the checkout process work?
WP Shopify does not handle any portion of the Shopify checkout process. When a customer clicks the checkout button within the cart, they’re redirected to the default Shopify checkout page to finish the process.
More information on the Shopify checkout process can be found here.
Does this work with Shopify's Lite plan?

Absolutely! In fact, this is our recommended Shopify plan if you intend to only sell on WordPress. All plugin features will work with Shopify Lite. This is a great option if want to save money.

You can read more about the Shopify Lite plan here.

Features of WP Shopify Pro

When you upgrade to WP Shopify Pro, you unlock tons of awesome features that provide your store with superpowers. Take a look!

Over 5,000+ WordPress sites are currently using WP Shopify. Here's what they have to say.

“I used WP Shopify Pro to quickly set up a store for a client. My client and I preferred to keep the store on the site rather than linking out to Shopify, but we also didn’t want to deal with setting up other e-commerce plugins. So this seemed like a good middle ground. It was super simple to set up and get going quickly. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

“As a web agency owner, I deal with many plugins and their creators in the course of our project. WP Shopify is a standout, not only for the impressive and ever growing list of features, but because Andrew is clearly very passionate about his product and his support and consistent updates reflect that. If you need to marry the WordPress and Shopify environments, I highly recommend you give this plugin a try.”

“WP Shopify is filling a much needed market gap for Shopify integration within WordPress. When we first became users of the plugin there were a few kinks to work out, though support showed great attention to detail and care with every inquiry. Simply put – a pleasure to work with. From a designer’s perspective, the app is aesthetically pleasing and intuitive — a real beauty! We look forward to seeing what’s next with this app!”

“We love to use WP Shopify Pro; it allows us to use the power and the huge community of WordPress, plus the convenience of Shopify. In terms of payments we operate both, online and physical sales using then the Shopify card reader. Secondly, we are also present on Etsy, and both Etsy and Shopify can be sync to keep track of our inventory, and in case of simultaneous sales on different platforms, everything stays up to date. Both of these situation can’t be solved by WooCommerce.”

“After using this on a couple sites I continue to be impressed. I love working with WooCommerce but sometimes Shopify is a better fit for the project or you have a history of transactions and customers in an existing Shopify instance. This plugin makes the integration very intuitive and there are plenty of options to get your store looking just as you’d like through the plugin settings and using familiar WordPress theme customizations and template hierarchy.”

“There’s just not a lot out there that will seamlessly connect Shopify and WordPress, but this plugin does it well. Shopify has some limitations which affect how well it plays with WordPress, but the developer of WP Shopify is extremely helpful and provides fantastic support. Highly recommend!”

What an awesome plugin!

“Really, it does its job awesomely well and fast too! I love it <3”

@bobbymenas on WordPress.org

Great support, works very well!

“I purchased the pro version, and Andrew was very helpful over chat when I didn’t manage to set up the plug in properly. Everything works well and as expected. Highly recommended!”

@joopleberry on WordPress.org

Superior Customer Satisfaction!

“Andrew stands behind his work 100%. Anytime i have had an issue he takes care of it really fast. If you’re looking for a plug in with REAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT, Look no further. This is a Great Product with Great customer support. No doubt!”

@valkolimar on WordPress.org

The exact solution I was looking for – with superb support!

“I was looking for a solution to bring Shopify to my sites while keeping the power of the WordPress backend. WP Shopify was exactly what I was looking for, and also has easy templating so that a developer like me can extend functionality as needed, just like I would with any other WordPress site!

Also, I ran into an issue and the creator very helpfully spent a good amount of his time debugging in real time – amazing! World-class support. Version 2.0 fixed a few syncing issues and I Couldn’t be more happy!”

@nordr on WordPress.org

Exceptional Product / Phenomenal Support

“This plugin is really exceptional in that it allows the power of WordPress websites to be combined with the insights of the Shopify e-commerce platform. It is exactly what I have been looking for.

What is absolutely exceptional about this plugin is the support I received. I was having difficultly getting products syncing locally and was able to contact support and get their eyes on the issue. Not only did support spend a bunch of time debugging my issue BEFORE I had even paid for the plugin, they patiently walked me through updating some of my local software to get the plugin up and running.

I really can’t recommend WP Shopify enough.”

@gstrasen on WordPress.org

Passionate Developer, Incredible Effort

“The plugin itself is very cool – filled a need we’ve had for quite a while, and while there is room to grow, working with the plugin for over a month now I can confidently say that it is clear a whole lot of passion has gone into it. Those with extremely complex use cases may need to plan for a developer to make sure those features are integrated properly, but for straight forward usage we’ve had luck out of the box.

I also want to make a note of how great this plugin developer is to work with. We purchased a pro license, which includes access to a support Slack channel. While this isn’t a big company that can provide 24/7 instant support, Andrew does care very much about his users, and he has gone above and beyond to help us figure out our custom use case.

This is a great plugin, getting better all the time. I highly recommend it.”

@valentinecreative on WordPress.org

Great Support!

“Using the pro version of this plugin. It works really well with Shopify lite which allows you to save a few bucks on wordpress integration. Easy access to incredibly responsive and helpful support! Thumbs up!”

@trentblizzard on WordPress.org

Outstanding! Above and Beyond!

“I bought this plug in a while back and it has been a lifesaver. It made the transitioning of products from Shopify to WP easy peasy! Yesterday my plug in broke down on me and I asked for support today. Andrew Robbins addressed my issue directly and helped me get things squared away fast. If you’re looking for a good plug-in with solid support, this is it. I will keep supporting this plug in and anyone else that stands behind their product like Andrew.”

@valkolimark on WordPress.org


“After trying lots of options to manage the Shopify store from WordPress, this one was the only plugin that did the job correctly. I highly recommend it, plus the developer offered great customer support via chat.”

@jrenzi on WordPress.org

Fantastic customer support

“I ultimately ended up using Shopify’s platform, but my time with this service was excellent and Andrew is super helpful! He made everything easy for me. I highly recommend this plugin!”

@voideine on WordPress.org


“I can’t imagine how much of a pain this would be, if I had to enter code for every buy button, or every collection to post from Shopify. This makes things relatively automatic, and it really works! The plugin’s documentation is extensive, and if you still have answers, Andrew, the developer is amazing at providing prompt, helpful, pleasant, funny support. He’s just a pleasure to deal with! And this, I’m getting with my trial of the FREE version! I can’t wait to get some sales made, so I can guy the full version!”

@aym4t on WordPress.org

Incredible Support!

“Andrew, the developer, is always available when I have questions about this plugin. He is courteous and efficient and offered an immediate fix earlier today when I was having a problem updating a product variation. Fantastic Plugin and Fantastic Support. Can’t recommend Andrew and his plugin enough!”

@moonbirdstudios on WordPress.org

Everything we ever needed

“I’ve been following the development of WP Shopify since day 1 and boy oh boy am I glad this was released on the plugin store!! Good stuff Andrew, this is gods work.”

@jordan-1 on WordPress.org

See it in action!

WP Shopify provides the tools you need to visually match your brand. Customize the layout with settings for button colors, sale pricing, image cropping, and many more!

Be proud to show your products to the world.

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